AR Mastery: ARKit & ARCore Bootcamp in Mumbai
Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Augmented Reality! Our AR Mastery bootcamp in Mumbai uniquely blends the powers of ARKit & ARCore, offering an unparalleled training experience for every AR enthusiast.
Set against the bustling backdrop of Mumbai, this course delivers an in-depth dive into AR development. Harnessing the strengths of both ARKit and ARCore, it offers a dual-platform perspective, preparing you for diverse AR ventures. From understanding the foundational principles of augmented reality to creating vivid, interactive environments, we cover it all. Engage in hands-on projects, learn from India's leading AR experts, and get industry insights that go beyond conventional learning.
The AR Imperative: Why Mumbai Chooses This Bootcamp

AR's Rising Dominance
Augmented Reality is not just a trend—it's the future. As industries in India increasingly adopt AR, from advertising to real estate, mastering its intricacies becomes paramount. This training ensures you're not left behind.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap
There's an evident demand for AR expertise, yet a noticeable gap in quality training. Our Mumbai-centric bootcamp bridges this, offering in-depth knowledge, practical experience, and expert mentoring.

Dual Platform Proficiency
Why limit to one platform when you can master two? With ARKit & ARCore, we ensure you’re versatile, adaptable, and ever-ready to handle cross-platform AR projects.
Crafted for Whom? Decoding the Target Audience

Aspiring AR Devs
If you’re a budding developer eager to venture into the AR space, this is your launchpad. Get hands-on, immerse in practical projects, and learn the A to Z of AR development.

Professionals Seeking Upgradation
Already in the tech domain but wish to add AR to your skill set? This course paves the way, enhancing your portfolio and opening avenues in the booming AR sector.

Entrepreneurs & Visionaries
If you're looking to integrate AR into your business or start a new venture, understanding its nuances is crucial. Get acquainted, innovate, and lead with AR.
Pertinence in Today’s World

Digital Revolution
As India accelerates its digital journey, AR stands at its forefront. Being proficient in AR is not just a skill—it’s a necessity in the modern tech-driven landscape.

Local Relevance, Global Competence
Mumbai is not just India's financial hub but also a growing tech giant. Mastering AR here means local relevance with global competence.

Interactive Realities
AR is transforming how we interact with the world, merging digital and physical. Grasping its essence today is preparing for a transformative tomorrow.
Course Blueprint: 12 Power-Packed Modules

  1. Intro to Augmented Reality
  2. Basics of ARKit
  3. Dive into ARCore
  4. AR Design Principles
  5. Interactivity & User Experience
  6. Advanced AR Features
  7. Cross-platform Integration
  8. Real-world AR Applications
  9. AR in Business & Marketing
  10. Troubleshooting & Optimizing AR Apps
  11. Future of AR: Trends & Predictions
  12. Capstone Project & Certification
Future Glimpses: Outcomes of the Bootcamp

Expert-Led Sessions
Led by industry stalwarts, every session is a blend of theory and hands-on exercises ensuring holistic learning.

Peer Interactions
Train with a diverse cohort, exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and expand your professional network.

Post-Bootcamp Support
Our relationship doesn’t end with the course. Get continued support, mentorship, and access to a thriving alumni community.
Future Glimpses: Outcomes of the Bootcamp

Career Amplification
Post-training, you’re not just a developer. You're an AR specialist, primed for roles that demand cutting-edge skills.

Entrepreneurial Edge
With comprehensive AR knowledge, chart your entrepreneurial journey, innovate, and lead the AR revolution.

Continuous Learning
With AR evolving, your foundation here ensures you're always ahead, adapting, and growing with the industry's shifts.
Exploring AR Frontiers: Another Glimpse of the Course

Immersive Learning
Dive into an environment that’s vibrant, challenging, and fosters creativity. Every session is designed to push boundaries, making learning an exhilarating experience.

The Mumbai Merit
Train in Mumbai, India's melting pot of cultures and technologies. Imbibe its spirit, and let the city's dynamism reflect in your AR creations.

Certification & Beyond
Beyond mastering AR, get certified. Flaunt your skills, gain recognition, and embark on a rewarding AR journey.